About Us

Company History – Hair Salon

Better Image Hair Solutions has been in business since 2009. Even though the company has changed names and owners over the years, it has still held onto its guiding principals.

We have always been dedicated to serving people who are experiencing hair loss. We will always provide our clients with quality hair systems, fair pricing, and honest answers.

man checking his hair

Professional Hair Restoration Services in Utah

Better Image hair salon provides non-medical hair restoration solutions for anyone experiencing any type of hair loss. We work with various methods of hair replacement, including men’s and women’s custom Hair Systems – quality hair extensions.

We provide you with privacy and discretion when you enter our salon. Our private rooms ensure that your experience is comfortable and personalized.

Our unique business serves you by offering a quality product and an exceptional service via highly trained stylists, without any contracts or expensive club prices.

Losing Hair Significantly?

Our team of qualified and experienced stylists is here to help resolve your hair loss problems using the latest hair systems and restoration services.

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