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I have been to every major hair replacement company in Northern Utah. Better Image simply gives me better service and price. I won’t go anywhere else.


This is the first time I have had hair that feels like my hair before I lost it. It is so natural and seamless. Thanks, Better Image!

Davis B

Dear Fellow Hair Wearer:

I am a former client of a competitor hair restoration company. I used their services for over 12 years. I was fairly happy with their service and the hairpieces until the owner died. I was never comfortable having to sign contracts and their prices seemed high. After the owner died and his widow took over, things went downhill in a hurry. When I had problems with the hair, she was seldom there to help. The quality or the hairpieces went downhill. They would lose hair fast in the front and when new, they were unmanageable for several weeks. This was extremely frustrating and embarrassing. I was way less than happy but found myself trapped, not knowing where else to go.

In June 2009, I finally took a leap of faith and went over to Better Image. Boy am I ever glad that I did. Better Image does an outstanding job of cutting and servicing. They’re fast and their prices are substantially lower than the competitors. I ordered 2 new hairpieces from Better Image. The price was very reasonable. When they came in, Better Image cut them in and they combed as I wanted them to right from the beginning. No more feeling of straw and fighting to get them to comb. Also, Better Image doesn’t have you sign contracts. They are confident that once you go there and try them out, you’ll stay.

If you’re like me, change is hard. I stayed at the competitor hair restoration and put up with their baloney for way too long. I wish I would have switched much earlier.

Better Image is Awesome!


I really, really do look 10 years younger and my wife really, really likes that!

Lee T.

I have been wearing hair for over 20 years and thanks to Better Image I’ve gotten the best quality hair and service in years.

Brad S.

Better Image has been a breath of fresh air, compared to the other hair places that I have been to. Thanks for keeping it simple and easy.


Switching to Better Image I feel more freedom- having no contract or club pricing. And the service is unbelievable!

Phillip S.

My husband was apprehensive. He had been to other salons and had bad experiences. Michelle listened to us before we came to see her. She was prepared with a variety of styles. The consultation was personalized. It was a great relief to be treated with sensitivity and respect. Michelle’s experience and expertise opened the door to a new lifestyle. My husband swims, skis, and bikes with confidence. I think the best part is how sexy he looks! He is more light-hearted. He loves spending 2 minutes to shampoo and go! Thanks so much, Michelle!


Better Image has been so much of an improvement that I wanted to pass express my satisfaction in writing. Since I have previously been with two other competitors, it’s easy for me to make a few comparisons.

First, you don’t require a contract while others demand one. Why should anyone be required to sign a contract (especially requiring a monthly fee) to be a customer anyway? In my opinion, these types of tactics come only from businesses that would rather force people to remain customers than keep them happy with quality service.

Second, you and your staff are passionate, friendly, and perform excellent work I feel like a valued customer again and that everyone takes a personal interest in my satisfaction.

Third, there is a noticeable improvement in quality. Two significant items stound out. Better workmanship and much more natural, genuine look (isn’t this the idea?)

To those looking for the best results and the best atmosphere, I strongly recommend Better Image. To those looking for something less, you may want to look into the “Contractual Obligations Forever” type of business.

Keep up the good work!


Salt Lake City, UT

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