Why did you choose to do hair for a living?

You will often hear me saying, “Hair, Hair, Hair! It’s a beautiful thing…” because I absolutely love doing hair! I like looking at a canvas of uncut hair and visualizing what can be created. I also love doing hair because I truly enjoy people and getting to know them. I am the kind of person that will basically talk to anyone, often at the embarrassment of my children.

What is the most important aspect of hair replacement?

Hair replacement is about creating beautiful hair but more important about creating a pleasant emotional experience for the people experiencing hair loss.

Why did you start Better Image?

I wanted a place where all people were treated with compassion, given honest answers, and the freedom to stay with us or go. You’re not locked in to a contract because losing your hair is traumatic enough.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Customizing hair for someone who has been living with hair loss is very rewarding. There whole demeanor changes the moment I place hair  on them. Hair does influence the way you feel about yourself.

What is your goal at Better Image?

My goal is to make the world beautiful one head at  a time.