Keeping Studio Up-To-Date

Don’t become too comfortable with the talents you already have.

Attend shows!  This keeps you fresh and excited.   A show can introduce you to new techniques and products, which can be used to show your clients you’re still current with “What’s Hot”!  You never stop learning EVER- the minute you do, it’s time to put down the scissors.

Build a relationship with your suppliers.

Suppliers are educated on the products their selling you.  Talking with them is a great way to gain insight on how they can better serve you.  We all have our favorite product lines, don’t become complacent, know what other product lines are out there, this will better prepare you to offer a client a comparable product you sell.

Competition is good.

Checking out your competition helps you make improvements.   If you feel your work is far superior –this makes you aware of your own value and motivates you to do even better.

Hand out business cards.

Take time to talk to people.  Remember the acronym FORM family, occupation, recreation, message.  This acronym is an easy way to start a conversation with anyone, the M- message, is leaving them with your business card.  You are your best form of advertising.